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NDB OPERA is a NDB GROUP’s flagship initiative to promote ethical recruitment

of migrant workers.


in partnership with



NDB OPERA is a global multi-stakeholder technology platform that supports governments, civil society, the private sector and recruiters to establish ethical recruitment as a norm in cross-border labour migration.

NDB OPERA’s engine works as a disruptive company-led advocacy platform that brings awarness, human rights protection, transparency, efficiency, orderly, combats forced labour and exploitation in circumvention of the corrupt human labor brokers (middlemen).

NDB OPERA performs research and develops tools, guidance and approaches to support

responsible recruitment and hiring.

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We strive for making the world a safer place where vulnerable people have equal opportunities, freedom of movement, and self-affirmation.

We fight for human rights protection including the right to equality and freedom from mistreatment, discrimination and harm, the right to work, the right to housing,

social security, health and education.

Our advocy is about securing fair and equal treatment for people whith concerns and who are too often kept from participating fully in society because of politics issues,

wars, unfair laws and policies that block them from their human rights.

Our work is full People-Centered !

We focus on people whose equal worth, rights and dignity are

challenged or denied.

We stand up for Freedom!

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NDB OPERA fosters international recruitment fair for everyone involved:

migrant workers, employers, recruiters and countries of origin and destination.


It does this by:

    • Promoting respect for the rights of migrant workers;

    • Enhancing transparency and accountability in recrutment;

    • Advancing the Employer Pays Principles; and

    • Strengthening public policies, regulations and enforcement mechanisms.

NDB OPERA is referred to under Objective 6 of the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration issued on 10 December 2018 by UN Members States and endorsed by the UN General Assembly on 19 December 2018.

NDB OPERA priorities include:

    • awarness raising and capacity building

    • migrant worker voice and empowerment

    • the regulation of international recruitment

    • voluntary certification of private/public recruitment agencies (Ambassadors)

    • stakeholders partnership and dialogue

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NDB OPERA aims to drive positive change in the international recruitment industry and

a global prohibition of recruitment feeds being paid by workers.


In particular NDB OPERA works to:


CREATE DEMAND for responsible recruitment by raisingawarness about the positive benefits of ethical practices ad developing tools to help companies implement in the EmployerPays Principle.

INCREASE SUPPLY of ethically sourced labour by creating an enabling environment and supporting the development and implementation of systems to identify and use ethicalrecruitment agencies.

IMPROVE PROTECTION for migrant workers througheffective regulation.

DEVELOP INTEGRATION for migrant workers througheffective partberships with governments, governmentalagencies, GOs, NGOs, social consortia, and industries in the destination countries.